Divolo - Belle Arti Firenze s.r.l.

Since 1915 “Divolo” produces colors for fine arts in Florence, the cradle of Renaissance culture. In the careful respect for tradition “Divolo” since his birth has made color formulations that satisfy the needs of professional painters, restorers, students, art lovers. A very large production that ranges from products for gilding, restoration of frescoes, restored woodwork, painting in oils and acrylics. The company in national and international scene is a reliable partner, in the old tradition has now been able to innovate by providing tools and solutions to complex problems of the contemporary era, particularly issues related to the teaching of painting techniques and restoration, both at the base the maintenance of Italian ulture in the years ahead. “Divolo” is therefore proposed for the future, as it did in the past, a good partner for the academies and institutes of art and to all workshops of artisans and artists.

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